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Petrucijová, J., Glumbíková K., Féher B., Vályi R., Ciczkowska-Giedziun M., Kamińska-Jatczak I., Kantowicz E., Zmysłowska M., Marynowicz-Hetka E., Slaná M., Molnárová Letovancová K. Values Building Toolkit in Social Work Education. Ostrava: University of Ostrava, 2021. ISBN 978-80-7599-289-5.

  • The publication is available here:
    https://dokumenty.osu.cz/fss/projekty/vbiswe/values-building-toolkit-in-social-work-education.pdf soubor pdf 2,59 MB
  • The values-building toolkit in the process of education in social work consists of evaluation of outputs of an existing educational process in V4 countries and pilot proposals of specific methods and techniques for its innovation and optimization. The toolkit also includes a validated inventory for evaluation of the values of social work students, which is the output of validation and quantitative and qualitative research for social work students from each member country. The inventory is available in all four V4 native languages. The validated inventory serves to (self)evaluate students in the area of social work values, which supports the optimization of the educational process in this area to suit individual needs of each student. The toolkit will thus contribute to a greater quality of the educational process in the area of values building.


Two expert articles consist of theoretical anchoring of social work values, evaluation outputs of an existing educational process in the area of values (especially the description of the national context of education in social work) and the results of the values research on the sample of social work students (first article) and educators (second article).

  • Glumbíková, K., Petrucijová, J., Kantowicz, E., Kamińska-Jatczak, I., Slaná,  M., Molnárová Letovancová, K., Féher, B., Valýi, R., Ciczkowska-Giedziun, M. a Zmysłowska, M. Values Building in Social Work Education in Visegrad Countries: Integrated Approach. Sustainability. 2021, 13(9), ISSN 2071-1050.
  • Petrucijová, J., Glumbíková, K., Kantowicz, E., Slaná, M., Féhér, B., Kamińska-Jatczak, I., Molnárová-Letovancová, K. Challenges in Values Education in Social Work: The Case of the Visegrad Four Countries. Social Work Education. Submitted, in peer reviewing proces.

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