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Postdoc at the Faculty of Social Studies

UPOZORNĚNÍ: Platnost tohoto inzerátu již vypršela.

Research topic:

  1. Population Groups at Risk of Social Exclusion – mainly people excluded from housing and people in difficult life situations.
  2. Computerisation of Social Work.

Experience with:

  • Qualitative research in social work,
  • Application of a biographical approach in social work research,
  • Discourse and narrative analysis approaches,
  • Participation in international research teams,
  • Education of Ph.D. students in terms of methods.


  • to speak English,
  • to publish scientific papers,
  • to present achieved results at conferences,
  • to develop an international team cooperation,
  • to share the results of social work research, focused on sociocultural differences.


  • Duration of the workplace – covered by the project: 12 months (starting no later than in September 2018) – 1 employee for 12 months, or 2 employees per 6 months.
  • Salary: competitive salary comparable with other EU countries.

Requirements given by the project:

  • Ph.D. degree obtained less than 7 years ago (prolonged with the length of a parental leave).
  • Work experience from a country different from the Czech Republic – the applicant has spent at least 2 out of the last 3 years as a researcher (min. 0.5FTE) or a Ph.D. student abroad.
  • Publication activity – at least 2 publications in the last 3 years.

Job description:

The postdoc accepted is supposed to intensively participate in research and publication activities of the Faculty of Social Studies in terms of developing new approaches in qualitative social work research focused on the biographical approach.

We search solely for an excellent scientist who is already active and successful in qualitative social work research.

Choosing the postdoc among applicants:

If more applicants meet the requirements stated by the project, a committee consisting of three senior members of the Faculty will evaluate the applicants.

How to apply for the postdoc position:

The applicant is supposed to submit the following documents (only in an electronic form) to the following e-mail address no later than 10 April, 2018:

  • a scanned Ph.D. diploma (official English confirmation may be required additionally),
  • a cover letter,
  • a structured CV in .pdf format.


Prof. Mgr. Soňa Kalenda, Ph.D.