Mezinárodní Jarní škola sociální práce

The European Research Institute for Social Work (ERIS) and the Faculty of Social Studies offer an opportunity for Master’s and PhD students of social work (or related subjects) to present their research project or thesis in a genuine European academic atmosphere and to

  • get feedback on their developing work from international academics of social work/ social pedagogy
  • get peer-review
  • exchange views and ideas with other international students
  • extend their knowledge of social work in Europe and in the world
  • contribute to a new European research network

Ongoing projects may be presented as well as completed master and doctoral works. Discussion will be facilitated by academic staff and will consist of a critically evaluative debate generating ideas for the further development of one’s project.

More information: Pavla Nemethová

Zveřejněno / aktualizováno: 12. 04. 2021